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  • Does Laser Hair Removal Work on the Face?

    Your face is important, especially if you live in Southern California. It’s almost always the first part of you someone sees, so it’s important to make a good first impression. Whether you are dating, going for a job interview or greeting a customer at a store, how you look plays a big part in how people react to you. If you have unwanted facial hair, particularly if you are a woman, you may not feel you look your best and have to hide or shave your hair growth. Fortunately, laser hair removal in cities like Lake Forest provide a solution to unwanted hair.


    Though men may enjoy growing facial hair, for women it’s not considered attractive. Unwanted hair growth in females, particularly in male pattern areas such as the face, chest or back, is technically known as hirsutism. This hair is usually thick and dark, so you have to shave, pluck or wax often. These methods can actually lead to ingrown hairs and infections, making them less appealing than alternatives like laser hair removal.

    Lasers on the Face

    You might not hesitate to use lasers to remove hair on your legs or back, but what about your face? The delicate skin in this area and the fact that you show this part of your body to everyone you meet may make you think twice about getting it done. In Lake Forest, however, you don’t have to worry. Laser hair removal is an effective and safe way to permanently reduce hair growth on your face. The Lake Forest and Southern California area are blessed with talented physicians who specialize in laser hair removal. The more experience your doctor has, the better your results will be.


    Lasers work most effectively on darker hair, as the lasers target pigment or melanin. If you have lighter hair, the treatment will not work optimally.  According to the Hair Removal Journal , with laser hair removal on the face you may need more sessions as well as yearly maintenance trips to ensure hair removal is long-lasting.

    Hormonal Causes

    Sometimes hirsutism is caused by hormonal imbalances, or excessive male hormones in the female body. If you are a woman who is experiencing male pattern hair growth, see your doctor before undergoing laser hair removal. If the cause is hormonal, your doctor may have other treatment options available to halt hair growth. However, hirsutism can occur without the help of androgens. In these cases, laser hair removal might be right for you.

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